Google Pixel XL 2 Screen Burn – The Investigation Results Are In..

After it was revealed that some users of the Google Pixel XL 2, had been experiencing screen burn issues, Google vowed to investigate. What it has shown is, the problem is not widespread. However, concerned reviewers of the handset have pressed for a more detailed response.

Google Pixel XL 2 Answers

According to Google, there is a reason for which reviewers could be experiencing issues.

Both of the handsets, use what is called POLED screen technology. It provides more accurate images when compared to other devices. And that means less saturation, which leads to more rapid cooling of the color temperature. This minor change can be noticed when viewing a handset from an angle.

And it is this, the first apparent issue that has garnered some complaints.

To rectify this Google’s Vice President and Pixel production manager, Mario Queiroz recently said:

“Based on the recent feedback, we’re adding a new tweak for more saturated colors, which will be made available via a software update to both Pixel 2 phones in the next few weeks.”

What About Screen Burn?

Probably one of the worst screen problems you could find on a new device is screen burn. Why? Because it is not an issue that goes away, it tends to get worse with time. So, it came as a huge shock to the tech world and Google that early testers were seeing it.

Now, not to mix up screen burn, with Ghosting. The latter can appear for example when a navigation bar image remains on screen for a couple of seconds after changing screen. Whereas, screen-burn, is similar in nature but is more permanent. It is something that is often seen after thousands of hours of use, not several.

On this matter, Queiroz said:

“Our initial investigation, which began shortly after receiving the first report on 22 October, has now concluded. It revealed that the Pixel XL 2 has a differential aging that is line with comparable handsets. And as such, we believe it will not affect the day-to-day user experience.”

Additionally, he said:

“However, we will continue to refine and improve the user experience. Which means, we will work to maximise the life of the display on the Pixel XL 2, and Pixel. We will do this by making future updates more readily available.”

While Google is scrambling to fix the PR disaster caused by the screen issues, more problems may have been found.

It appears that clicking noises are also being reported. Google has said it is looking into this and will provide answers soon. In the meantime, it has extended the warranty of both its latest handsets to two years. It’s hoping that this move helps to ship more pixels from 15 November.