Tesla Semi-Truck and Roadster – Are They Worthy or Just a Dream?

Now that the dust has settled over Elon Musk’s unveiling of the first Tesla semi-truck and an all-new roadster, what do we know about these two vehicles? Well, to begin with, it’s clear that Musk’s teasing on Twitter before the reveal was nothing more than horseplay. Meaning, no, the semi doesn’t transform and cannot make a latte …

As for the sports car, that was a complete surprise, so let’s take a look at both vehicles.

Tesla Semi-Truck a Game Changer?

If you missed the live event in Los Angeles, one thing was clear even with the roadster present. And that was, this event was firmly aimed at truck drivers and fleet owners. Earlier Musk had promised them that this vehicle “will blow your mind clear out of your skull and into an alternate dimension.”

But …

What about the facts?

The problem for Tesla is modern big diesel rigs are capable machines able to haul a max 36,300kg up to 1,000-miles. And what’s even more astonishing is, they can do that on a single tank of gas. So, what Musk must do, is convince truckers that the Tesla electric-semi has the range, capacity, and cost-effectiveness to compete.

However, there’s a problem, and that’s what’s powering the truck. Its batteries are so big, although available in different KW outputs that they eat-into the haulable weight. Yes, this will affect the distance a single charge can cover. However, a Tesla Megacharger would pick up the slack. Enabling a driver to add another 400-miles of distance to the rig is just 30-minutes.

Known Semi Specs

In what is thought to be a max 800KW powertrain, the truck and cover 500-miles with a maxed out weight-capacity. As for speed, without a full hold, it can reach 60Mph in five seconds. With max 80,000-pound of cargo that increases to 20-seconds, which is still massively impressive.

Design-wise, this truck has a much less prominent nose compared to its rivals. Plus, the cab is not a sleeper, which immediately limits its usage to some would-be purchasers. Although this isn’t a remake of a diesel, it’s a Tesla Semi, so meant to be different. As such in the cab, there’s a centrally located seat for improved visibility and a lot of room.

Along with the expected semi-autonomous driving system, there’s lane-keeping tech, and extras which according to Musk prevent jack-knifing. What will all of this cost?

According to the information we have, there are three versions. Two regular production models with ranges of 300-and-500 miles. Prices for these start at $150,000 and $180,000 respectively; however, the third dubbed the foundation Series will cost $200,000.

The Tesla Roadster


From the rear of the Tesla Semi-Truck to the shock of everyone at the event and watching came an all-new roadster. And update to what is already available, although, with quite a few bells and whistles added!

According to Musk, it would be once it goes into production, the fastest sports car ever! Capable of 0-60Mph in a staggering 1.9-seconds!! He also said ti could reach 100Mph in just 4.2-seconds, plus cover one-quarter of a mile in 8.9-seconds. Meaning, not only will it be the first to break the 0-6-Mph 2-second barrier. But, also the first production car to travel a quarter of a mile in under 9-seconds.

Under the Hood

What’s powering this beast you may be asking? That’s a huge 200-kilowatt-hour battery, the biggest in a Tesla to date. That will give the car the power to travel at 250Mph or more, and at more casual speeds a max range of 620-miles. All of which will be possible on a single charge, and that’s another record Tesla has smashed.

Due to go into production in 2020, so there is a wait, it will set you back $200,000. So, unfortunately, it’s not your Sunday drive type of vehicle.

If you’re wondering what’s the point in a vehicle like this?

According to Musk:

“The point of doing this is to give a hardcore smack-down to gasoline cars,” he said.

“Driving a gasoline sports car is going to feel like a steam engine with a side of quiche.”